Each of us is inherently whole and complete as we are. Sometimes we need help reconnecting with ourselves in order to see ourselves with more clarity and recognize our own strengths. When we do, creative possibilities and options for our lives become apparent. I believe in the innate wisdom and inner resources of every human being. As a coach, my role is to support you on your journey of self-discovery and resource building, providing tools and encouragement to help you access your own capacities.

I began the coaching component of my practice, Transformative Inquiry, in 2008. In recent years, as my personal practice and training have shifted in the direction of meditation, my coaching style has shifted also. I currently incorporate aspects of Inquiry and Mindful Self- Compassion  into my work.

The inner critic can be such a dominant and sabotaging voice. When we are met with challenges and experience suffering, we rarely meet ourselves with the compassion that we need, or that would be most helpful in responding to our circumstances. We can learn to hold our experiences and ourselves with the same compassion we would offer another, beginning with mindfulness to become more aware of our experience, without reactivity or judgment.

Inquiry is a simple and elegant process of questioning our stressful thoughts and beliefs, based on The Work of Byron Katie. It can be used to explore any issue or relationship that is causing stress. These questions are a kind of meditation that allow you to closely examine the troubling issue to find what’s really true for you. This often leads to powerful shifts in perspective, and a return to clarity.

Healing and growth happen within an environment of acceptance, which I strive to create in meeting each person where they are. It is personally meaningful to me to share this powerful combination of modalities with others to facilitate making changes and living more connected and peaceful lives.

Nancy’s facilitation of Inquiry is patient and relentless at the same time, as she assists me with questioning beliefs and judgments that lie at the heart of my struggles. After years of receiving more traditional long-term therapy, I’m always amazed at how skillfully Nancy can bring me to a place where my thoughts no longer determine my reality. I have found the work to be powerful stuff, and in my experience, Nancy delivers it with care and precision.
clinical social worker