About Acupuncture

Note: Not currently practicing acupuncture.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the body is seen as having a network of channels, or meridians, through which the life-force energy of the body (qi) flows. When everything is functioning properly, enough qi flows smoothly through the channels, helping the blood to circulate freely and keeping the organs and tissues and mind healthy. The state of our qi is influenced by many factors: our emotions and mental state, diet, season, weather, and our constitution. When the qi becomes depleted or blocked, the system becomes imbalanced and pain and disease can develop. By inserting tiny hair-thin needles into the body at points along the meridians, acupuncture can help restore the natural flow of qi and bring the body into a more harmonious state.


How I Practice Acupuncture

Acupuncture can be effective at treating a wide range of concerns, including acute or chronic pain or illness, and emotional, physical and energetic imbalances. It can also help us to stay well and to strengthen our immune systems to prevent illness.

I have been practicing as a licensed acupuncturist in Northampton, MA since 2000. At this point in my practice, I am most interested in working with clients who want to examine the state of their health from multiple perspectives – physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual. The mind has a powerful effect on our physical and emotional health, and I integrate other aspects of my training (coaching and mindful self-compassion) when working with acupuncture clients. If you are primarily interested in healing on a physical level, I would be happy to talk with you to help you find an appropriate practitioner.

I had hit a wall, personal tragedy and trauma had overwhelmed me and I felt unable to regain the strength it took to recoup. The work I have done with Nancy has helped me to find balance, gain a clearer understanding of myself and my surroundings, revamp my belief system, get a healthier outlook, see my circumstances from a less attached perspective and obtain a deep sense of calm and a feeling of peace. I am feeling well and much happier overall.