“Doing The Work with Nancy has been nothing less than transformational. I have tried many different approaches to working with the stresses and challenges of life, and have found that The Work stands alone. I know now that stressful thoughts contain within them hidden keys to greater joy and freedom- and this has been an enormous gift. Nancy’s style is gentle, insightful and persistent, and my sessions with her have worked wonders for me.”
-Cynthia, Richmond, VA

“I have cancer. I often feeling like I am dying. When I do The Work with Nancy, I feel like I am living again. Nancy and The Work help me to shoo away the veil of negative feelings that keep me distanced from life, and allow me to deeply engage with my daughter and spouse. I don’t know what I would have done during the past year without Nancy and The Work. I truly don’t. I have a great life, and I can see that clearly with help from Nancy.”
-Ruth, Northampton, MA

“I had hit a wall, personal tragedy and trauma had overwhelmed me and I felt unable to regain the strength it took to recoup. The work I have done with Nancy has helped me to find balance, gain a clearer understanding of myself and my surroundings, revamp my belief system, get a healthier outlook, see my circumstances from a less attached perspective and obtain a deep sense of calm and a feeling of peace.  I am feeling well and much happier overall.”
–Valerie Gene, Monterey, MA

“Nancy’s facilitaiton of Inquiry is patient and relentless at the same time, as she assists me with questioning beliefs and judgments that lie at the heart of my struggles.  After years of receiving more traditional long-term therapy, I’m always amazed at how skillfully Nancy can bring me to a place where my thoughts no longer determine my reality.  I have found the work to be powerful stuff, and in my experience, Nancy delivers it with care and precision.”
-Susan, Baltimore, MD

“Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy were only part of the equation for my year-long treatment for breast cancer.  My  sessions with Nancy were essential to my healing.  Nancy was the one person with whom I mourned my former body — in all my sobbing vulnerability — without guilt or shame.  Her office was my sole sanctuary.  A year and a half later, I am pain-free and happy with my body.  Thanks to Nancy’s counseling, I have become a better student in the life-long lessons of patience, acceptance, and living in a positive present instead of inhabiting a world of negative what-ifs about an imagined future.”
-Maria, Sunderland, MA