Sessions and Fees

Sessions are available in person, in my office located in The Healing Arts Offices of Yoga Sanctuary, in downtown Northampton.  I also offer sessions over the phone or via skype.  For those being seen in person, Inquiry sessions may be combined with acupuncture treatment.

Individual sessions are $75 per hour, and a package of 5 sessions is $325, to be used within 8 weeks.  I also have a sliding scale available if needed.

Why have a trained facilitator?

Inquiry is a simple process that anyone with an open mind can do on their own.  And yet, the mind can be tricky, finding ways to avoid the questions and fall back into story, the familiar habit.  This may be especially true when new to the process. As your facilitator, my role is to help you identify thoughts that you may not be aware of, and support you in exploring thoughts that may be difficult to question.  Many people find that having the support of a trained facilitator allows them to delve more deeply into their experience of Inquiry.

As I am not a mental health professional, I do not offer therapy, and sessions with me should not be a substitute for psychological or medical treatment.  What I offer can be thought of as life coaching for personal growth.  In my experience, one can greatly benefit from doing Inquiry on a regular basis for a period of time.