About Me

As a trained facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, I meet with clients doing Inquiry over the phone and in person.  My work as a facilitator of Inquiry builds on 20 years of experience as a licensed bodyworker and acupuncturist.

In October, 2008, I attended The School for The Work of Byron Katie, after which I began to do Inquiry with clients.  I returned to The School in October 2009 on staff, and I continue to study with Byron Katie and other teachers on an ongoing basis.  I have a great love for facilitating Inquiry; I find it unceasingly inspiring to witness someone finding their own answers and returning to a state of freedom.

I began my practice in Northampton as a licensed massage therapist in 1992.  I also began practicing yoga and studying Vipassana meditation at that time.  That was the start of my lifelong interest in cultivating awareness of mind and body.  I currently practice Anusara yoga, which philosophically is very resonant with Inquiry, in that a state of grace is always available, waiting to be tapped into, beneath our beliefs to the contrary.  Likewise, Inquiry enhances the practice of meditation in that it’s a way to actively work with the thoughts that arise, while still noticing that they come and they pass.  In 2000, I earned a Master’s degree and a Massachusetts License in Acupuncture, which I currently practice.  Acupuncture is based on the Tao, which, again, is perfectly compatible with Inquiry:  Harmony comes when one is aligned with the flow of nature.

I was first exposed to The Work in 2005 and quickly felt its powerful effect.  I would consistently feel a sense of having returned to myself after doing Inquiry.   I have found that practicing Inquiry brings me to a place of clarity; I am then able to be more relaxed and present, and able to more creatively respond to what life brings.  There is no area of my life where Inquiry has not been helpful, including relationships, family, work, parenting, and simply the state of my own thoughts, as that seems to be where my experience of the world happens.  Since I have been so supported by this practice, I love being able to share it and support others in developing their own relationship with Inquiry.