Transformative Inquiry

Would you like to let go of the stress in your life but don’t know how?   Transformative Inquiry provides a gentle way back to yourself, back to your own clear mind.  And from this clarity flows a more peaceful life.

What is Transformative Inquiry?

Based on The Work of Byron Katie,  Transformative Inquiry is a simple process of questioning your stressful thoughts and beliefs.  It is useful in exploring any issue or relationship, past or present. These simple questions allow you to closely examine the issue to find what’s true for you.  This can lead to powerful and liberating shifts in perspective.

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

My spouse doesn’t appreciate me.
I’m not living up to my potential.
I need more money.
My children should listen to me.
My body is the wrong shape/size.

These are some of the thoughts and beliefs that we carry that create our suffering.  When we believe these thoughts, we experience sadness, anger, depression and loneliness.  When we question the thoughts, they loosen their hold on us and the confusion clears.  We return to the present, and to our true nature, which is joyful, loving, and peaceful.

On this site, you can learn how to do Inquiry, and also find out about experiencing a facilitated session of Inquiry with me.